For Such a Time as This

Today, I hit my emotional limit. I literally reached a point where I could no longer cry. And not because everything was bad – far from it. However, my emotional capacity was stretched to its maximum. If you know me, your jaw is on the floor and you’re trying to figure out what that even […]

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One Church; One Body

Tonight there was a prayer and worship night at my church; an auditorium full of people from different races, backgrounds, and stories. One of my pastors spoke about the unity that needs to be present in the church, the peace that unity brings to a community. He asked us to grab the hands of the […]

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A Twenty-One Day Walk.

I want to walk with The Lord. In the same way you take a walk with a close, intimate friend. One of those walks that requires listening and attentiveness, because you’re so close they only have to whisper or give you a look for you to understand. I have been aching to hear the voice […]

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