Resolution vs. Revolution

This year, I am watching my yes’s and guarding them carefully. I am pursuing resolve rather than revolt. Small steps with community support, rather than forced upheaval that ends up worse than when it started.

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Befriending Loneliness – Part I

Loneliness, as much as it is difficult, scary, and has the power to be depressing, can actually be a sacred space where we learn the things we need to in order to thrive. Befriending loneliness is the key to true self love, contentedness, and growth. Dare I say it, befriending loneliness can take the sting out of what would otherwise be painful moments and seasons.

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Purify Yourself

pu·ri·fy ˈpyo͝orəˌfī verb remove contaminants from. make ceremonially clean. extract something from. This time last week, I endured the most horrifying 48 hours of my adult life. I was preparing to have a friend over for dinner. The food was ready, the table needed to be set. As I am putting down the plates, I […]

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A Realization

It’s officially been one week since I left Nicaragua. One week since I’ve heard the constant beauty of the Spanish language, since I walked the streets of broken and brave people finding joy in every moment, since I saw the Lord do the miraculous because hearts were willing and faith was flowing. One week since […]

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Let Your Light Shine

One of the perks of being a media professional is that I get to travel around with different teams every day, and most of these people I have never met. I often describe people like this: Each person is their own galaxy of information, personality, quirks, desires, dreams, talents, skills, and history. There is so […]

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A Lesson on Love in the Land of Loss

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and think, “I wish I would have done _____ sooner.” This life is too short to be stingy with the love and light God has placed inside each and every one of our sweet souls. This world is too big and too wonderful to have fear hold us back from what we can discover and whose life we can change. There is a deep darkness over this earth, and the only way to dispel any of it is to let our light shine as brightly as it was created, without any filter or shade to dim it.

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When this world makes us sick

  Tonight, one of the YouTube artists I have watched grow for 6 years and become a star, Christina Grimmie, has died after being shot 3 times by an unidentified man while signing autographs after a concert. As a musician and someone considering a career in the performing/recording industry, this strikes more than one anxious […]

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We are broken, together.

There is this sense in the general church that being broken is wrong. That it’s not okay to sit in the grief, soak in the sadness and reflect for a while. Somehow we feel that contradicts God’s goodness or goes against His plan for the world. There is a stigma against confusion, doubt, questioning, and fear. And yes, I concede that those are not very pleasant things and The Lord wants to help us move past them toward wholeness.

However, may I put forth the idea that the human soul is not meant to just “move on” and talk ourselves into happiness or joy? That we are meant to go through grief and pain in order to be found again in the arms of love? The the process doesn’t have a time limit?

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The Impossible 2015

New year’s is a season I truly enjoy – it’s like climbing up to a mountain top and seeing the effort behind you, while breathing in the fresh air of a new start down the second slope. You reach the top and shake off the sweat and strain of the past while setting your eyes […]

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