For Such a Time as This

Today, I hit my emotional limit. I literally reached a point where I could no longer cry. And not because everything was bad – far from it. However, my emotional capacity was stretched to its maximum. If you know me, your jaw is on the floor and you’re trying to figure out what that even […]

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Miraculous Mondays

It’s not every day that you see a father clutch his child close and whisper hope over her life. It’s not every day that you see hundreds of children make a decision to be a part of something greater than themselves, let alone think past lunch time. It’s not every day that you stare into […]

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Simple Miracles

Sometimes God moves in the simplest things. Like food! I haven’t tasted Mango since I was around 7 years old and had an allergic reaction to it. And blueberries used to always upset my stomach. Then God invited me to trust Him, and to declare myself free in the name of Jesus from these allergies […]

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