I love Light. Especially as a photographer. Whether it’s because I find color and physics fascinating, or due to its symbolism throughout literature, light is an incredible thing. Light is the essence of clarity. God as the Father of Lights. Lights reveal, and bring out something’s innermost being. The light of Christ shines on us all and, depending on our walk, can reveal startling beauty or ugly realities. I’ve found myself exposed, and though the ugly was bad, the beauty that is forming is breathtaking. We all have this light of Christ, and we are His Little Lights going out to the world and shining upon His creation. Lighthouses are buildings created to store a saving light that stands strong even in the fiercest storm. This is what we are called to be in this world that is constantly filling with darkness. So let’s be Little Lights together, trying to figure out this crazy world with the light of Christ showing us the way.

I started this blog in a chapter of my story that proceeds out of a very confusing and tumultuous few months in the summer of 2014. I’ve always been a writer. A creator. I’ve always had opinions and strong beliefs that I felt compelled to share with the world. This is actually the third blog I have started, the others dying due to a lack of confidence that anyone really cared what I had to say. This has been the story of my life. Starting amazing endeavors only to be shut down by fears of failure, self-doubt, and disappointment later on. I guess this blog is my redemption from all of these false starts. Not as though it were a massive epiphany that has a power of its own… Rather, it is an outflow of the paradigm shift I experienced late July 2014 about who I am, the God I serve, and the crippling realization that I am selling myself short of who God has called and designed me to be. This is the story of God re-shaping my life.


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