Befriending Loneliness – Part I

Loneliness, as much as it is difficult, scary, and has the power to be depressing, can actually be a sacred space where we learn the things we need to in order to thrive. Befriending loneliness is the key to true self love, contentedness, and growth. Dare I say it, befriending loneliness can take the sting out of what would otherwise be painful moments and seasons.

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Learning how to breathe

But being in your element and being who you were born to be are two different things. 
The world needs what only I can do, and only I can do what I’ve been created for. 
I’ve stalled far too long, ignored my soul’s needs long enough. 

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Purify Yourself

pu·ri·fy ˈpyo͝orəˌfī verb remove contaminants from. make ceremonially clean. extract something from. This time last week, I endured the most horrifying 48 hours of my adult life. I was preparing to have a friend over for dinner. The food was ready, the table needed to be set. As I am putting down the plates, I […]

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