Falling in Love With a Nation

WEB Free Day 9

Today we had a chance to see the beauty of the land in Nicaragua. We had a “free day” where we got to go see a few sights, explore, and let our weary souls have some fellowship and joy-filled moments with our fellow team members. Needless to say, Nicaragua is truly beautiful, and full of natural wonders and wonderful people. The food is amazing, the land is stunning, the climate unruly and oddly playful.

I heard a woman tell me today, “Nicaraguans have a saying: ‘No one who visits Nicaragua leaves without falling in love with this country.'” I was warned that Nicaragua has a way of stealing hearts before I came, and now I can testify to that sentiment.

WEB Free Day 1

Tomorrow is the big day. The day where Nicaragua comes together as a nation and is given the gospel message, a word of faith and hope, and ministry by our incredible team. If you could keep this gorgeous country in your prayers, and stand with us in faith tomorrow for the transformation of Nicaragua, we would greatly appreciate it.

Nicaragua has rooted herself in my heart, and I will never forget her people, her land, or her spirit. This nation has a strong heartbeat, longing for change and seeking hope and light. It shines brightly because its people are so loving, open, and strong. I cannot wait to see what God will do tomorrow!


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