For Such a Time as This

WEB Squad Three 2

Today, I hit my emotional limit. I literally reached a point where I could no longer cry.
And not because everything was bad – far from it. However, my emotional capacity was stretched to its maximum. If you know me, your jaw is on the floor and you’re trying to figure out what that even looks like, because I feel EVERYTHING very deeply, with as much enthusiasm as the energizer bunny on steroids.

But today, I just stopped.

I wish I could go into detail about every encounter today, but I just don’t have the energy. You’ll just have to ask me over coffee and I know the Lord will bless you with the stories I have to share. However, I can share what God was showing me throughout this entire ordeal: Nothing happens on accident. Not a single thing. God ordained today specifically for the events that occurred. He has placed the right people in the right place for such a time as this.

WEB Squad Three 8

You know when you’re pushing on something you know is about to break? That feeling of final resistance before a flood breaks through? That’s what today felt like.

And I know I was exactly where I needed to be. Something happened today that only I could speak to. A young girl who dreamed of serving the Lord with her specific gifts, a group of girls heeding the words of God over their lives, a man on the brink of taking his life in a very public way – all people who needed to hear what God had redeemed me from and how He has freed me and given me new life. All the Christianese… but honestly Jesus took my life and since then nothing has been the same. My story has altered beyond anything I could ever hope or imagine. And the people I met today in Nicaragua needed to hear about the struggles and triumphs of my life. People halfway across the world! My mind can’t even wrap itself around that.

So I won’t try.

Instead, I will sit here in peaceful meditation, utterly spent, trying to fully process this incredible day that only confirms that God has me right where He wants me.

WEB Squad Three 11

We have been created for such a time as this. I saw a very similar thread throughout everyone I got to meet and talk with on the new team I was with today. Everyone had similar stories – very specific struggles they had triumphed over through the Lord, and He would bring people with the exact same struggles before them for prayer, healing, encouragement, and hope.

Miracles occurred. Divine appointments beyond anything I could ever imagine took place. We said goodbye to our translators who have become like family. As a media professional who hopped between groups, I got to know a fair amount more of the translators than other missionaries. And I hate goodbyes.

I know these beautiful people, too, were created for such a time as this. They are the leaders of the new Nicaragua that they will see take shape after this week. They and all the school kids we have met with are the future of this beautiful country, and they are placed here for a purpose to propel this country forward into Nicaragua Brilla.

The time is now. The world needs what you have, and someone around you could be seeking the answers you’ve already fought to receive. Look around, look around, we all have stories to share and encouragement to give to those around us. Let us not take our life for granted and waste time trying to be “enough”. Your story, your life, your joy is already enough. God can change the course of someone’s life – even whether or not they die that day – because of your story and your willingness to share it. Nothing is an accident. Everything we endure will be used by God to shape someone’s future.

Signing off, so I can replenish my soul for tomorrow’s work. There is much left to be done.

WEB Squad Three 24


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