A Servant Heart

WEB Medical 1

Today I got the wild opportunity to shadow and photograph the medical squad at one of the free medical clinics in Managua. We rode together at 8am to the location, prepping the clinic and beginning in a moment of fervent and faith-filled prayer. To be honest, I started the morning in a skeptical mood. The clinic was indoors, which meant fluorescent lighting (every photographers worst nightmare…), no opportunity for an external flash, and window glares from the hot sun outside. I scanned the venue for possible light sources, disappointed in the prospects. Needless to say, my attitude needed adjusting. So the Lord sent me outside to photograph the line, and we ran into some very enthusiastic children and a woman desperate for prayer. This woman, names Ophelia, begged me in Spanish for prayer for provision. She owed money on her home and her three children were with her in line. Her only other request was a whole Spanish bible, as she only had the New Testament.

My world shifted.

She didn’t even ask for money. Just prayer for provision and faith to believe the Lord would bless her with it, as well as a whole Bible. I picked from my whole shelf of bibles before deciding I would just buy a travel sized one at the nearest LifeWay store in Denver.

And here she was, in tears to lay hands on the fullness of God’s Word.

I motioned to a translator for assistance, and his prayer of faith over her was so powerful we were all crying by the end and she gave me a warm embrace. I had no Spanish bible for her, but we will be giving out bibles at the event on Saturday so I gave her a flyer with the info and said “biblia!” since that was all the Spanish I could manage. She embraced me even harder and declared “Dios de bendiga” (God bless you) I saw her later in the day, and her children wrapped their little arms around my legs and neck. She gave me her phone number and wants to see me at the event on Saturday. I pray our paths may cross again.

Her heart showed me so much about humility and ardent faith. A hardworking momma, seeking after not the material, but the things of the Spirit. And the Lord chose me in my foolishness and arrogance to witness her purity of heart and dedication to the Lord and her family.

The rest of the day would be full of humbling moments like this.

The medical team we got to capture on our cameras is filled with some of the most incredible people. I wish I could have gotten all of their stories. However, a part of me was still pre-occupied with getting good shots and making sure we fulfilled our shot list. So God decided to grind me to another halt and dip my feet into a new perspective once again.

WEB Medical 20

I walked out of the lunch room back into the clinic and turned to find a woman singing praises to the Lord in Spanish after the amazing Adeline had prayed over her. Now Adeline does not mess around when she prays. She carries her anointing oil everywhere and declares boldly the promises of God over people, even if they only wanted prayer for a migraine. She will give you that and 100x more than you ask because she believes in the power of prayer, the importance of our words, and she wasn’t letting a single moment go to waste when she was out praying. This woman she prayed over filled with joy and let herself sing out in the middle of this medical clinic, rejoicing in the Lord and causing those around her to rest in the presence of God that soon covered the room. It was a precious moment, and again I choked back tears.

Rest and water, hydrate and then go at it again was next on my agenda. And the Lord saw fit to interrupt again. The members of the medical team had stories to share, and my media counterpart, Kaye, was all about it. I however, wanted to get back to the mission (or so I thought it to be) of the media team. Something in my spirit told me to stay and hear their stories. To sit at the feet of people who’s whole lives revolve around helping people in the most tangible way possible, meanwhile usually neglecting their own interests and desires for the sake of their patients, clients, and even us, the tag-along media team.

Servant leadership with servant hearts, pouring out in the dense humidity and surprising splash-n-dash rainstorm, bowing their knees to the King of Kings and the assignment He has on their lives.

WEB Medical 17

The Lord is stripping away my edges. He is bathing me in humbling moments, reminding me what I am here for. He is changing my perspective, revealing Himself to me and His purposes. His heart for a nation is seen so clearly in their beautiful eyes, the young faces  of their littlest babies and the wizened gazes of their elderly. The smiles, the laughter, the gratitude, the servant hearts and humble approaches to every chair in that clinic.

All the glory be to the Lord, for these marvelous medical professionals offering their services, expertise, and love to a people grateful to receive it. This team showed Nicaragua the hands and feet of Jesus, and the people of Nicaragua showed us their huge heart and incredible faith. These are the children of God, the image bearers and Shalom makers of the Kingdom. It was an absolute honor to be among them today.


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