Eucharisteo – A New Season

For the month of November I decided to act on a principle God showed me early this summer. I’ve actually kept a whole separate journal for every small instance of thanks since June, but I decided to make a more public version by posting an Instagram every day in November. And I found something incredible. […]

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Rhythms of Grace

It has been seriously incredible to see the work that God is doing in my life. There are challenges and trials for sure, and half the time if I think too much about the massive to-do list in front of me I feel dizzy. However, despite the whirlwind of things to do, I’m finding a […]

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It’s 1am. This is the latest I have been up all week. And I am antsy. So I am going to share briefly the thoughts racing through my mind keeping me up: 1. God is incredible and has so many things in store for each of His children. I want to be doing all that […]

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