Resolution vs. Revolution

This year, I am watching my yes’s and guarding them carefully. I am pursuing resolve rather than revolt. Small steps with community support, rather than forced upheaval that ends up worse than when it started.

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Finding the Courage to Grieve

In an InstaSociety full of 140 character responses, we have learned to live in shallow spurts of rage, targeting policies, people, and current events with a vigor that is as short-lived as our latest status update. We are a nation afraid of deep emotion, afraid to look inside and deal with the emotions that are not the easiest to feel.

But I promise you it’s worth it.

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Befriending Loneliness – Part I

Loneliness, as much as it is difficult, scary, and has the power to be depressing, can actually be a sacred space where we learn the things we need to in order to thrive. Befriending loneliness is the key to true self love, contentedness, and growth. Dare I say it, befriending loneliness can take the sting out of what would otherwise be painful moments and seasons.

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Learning how to breathe

But being in your element and being who you were born to be are two different things. 
The world needs what only I can do, and only I can do what I’ve been created for. 
I’ve stalled far too long, ignored my soul’s needs long enough. 

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Purify Yourself

pu·ri·fy ˈpyo͝orəˌfī verb remove contaminants from. make ceremonially clean. extract something from. This time last week, I endured the most horrifying 48 hours of my adult life. I was preparing to have a friend over for dinner. The food was ready, the table needed to be set. As I am putting down the plates, I […]

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A Realization

It’s officially been one week since I left Nicaragua. One week since I’ve heard the constant beauty of the Spanish language, since I walked the streets of broken and brave people finding joy in every moment, since I saw the Lord do the miraculous because hearts were willing and faith was flowing. One week since […]

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Falling in Love With a Nation

Today we had a chance to see the beauty of the land in Nicaragua. We had a “free day” where we got to go see a few sights, explore, and let our weary souls have some fellowship and joy-filled moments with our fellow team members. Needless to say, Nicaragua is truly beautiful, and full of […]

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For Such a Time as This

Today, I hit my emotional limit. I literally reached a point where I could no longer cry. And not because everything was bad – far from it. However, my emotional capacity was stretched to its maximum. If you know me, your jaw is on the floor and you’re trying to figure out what that even […]

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Let Your Light Shine

One of the perks of being a media professional is that I get to travel around with different teams every day, and most of these people I have never met. I often describe people like this: Each person is their own galaxy of information, personality, quirks, desires, dreams, talents, skills, and history. There is so […]

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